Flat Web Slings

Polyester webbing slings are the best alternative to chain slings are wire rope slings. They are lighter in weight and do not harm the job. They are highly flexible and can be used for lifting fragile loads. We manufacture flat webbing slings from high tenacity polyester webbing conforming to EN 1492-1 in two ply.

Various configurations are available ranging from one leg to four leg with use of links and end fitting hooks.

Web sling load chart – Safety Factor 7:1 as per EN 1492-1

Round Slings

Round slings are endless flexible slings consisting of a load bearing yarn, completely enclosed in a polyester woven cover. These are most basic type of slings and yet they offer great flexibility and versatility.

Round Sling load chart – Safety Factor 7:1 as per EN 1492-2

Eye Types For Web Slings

Three different eye types can be made according to customers’ requirements

Performance Characteristics

  • Low elongation
  • Light weight and extremely flexible
  • Long life with excellent abrasion resistance
  • Temperature resistant from -400 C to 1000 C
  • Excellent resistance against most substances such as: oils, lubricants, sea water, alcohol, soaps etc
  • International Color coding as per European Norms (EN)
  • Each sling is individually wrapped with a “Manufacturers Certificate of Conformity”
  • Various Eye types as per requirements

Specialty Slings

Drum Handling slings: These are used to handle and lift drums at various work sites. The sling is designed in a way to make handling of such drums easier and quicker.

Marine Slings (Boat Lifting Slings): We specialize in marine slings which can be made to customers requirements and specifications. Customers can choose from different ordering options such as extra support eyes, lifting eye treatments, extra sling protections etc…

Glass Handling / Lifting Slings: Glass handling is a delicate and a high risk job, wherein the user is exposed to the risk of a breaking glass. We manufacture safe glass handling slings with extra eyes for sides protection and fully customized based in clients specifications. These also come with extra rubber pads to avoid slings being out.

Wide body slings: Extra wide body slings can be made for wide-bodied loads to cover a wider surface area.