The Lifting Operations and Lifting Regulations 1998 (L.O.L.E.R.) requires all lifting equipment to be “thoroughly examined and inspected by a competent person”. When it comes to overhead lifting, nothing should be left to chance. Faulty, damaged, or badly maintined equipment significantly increases the risk of potentially lethal accidents, and often has serious finacial and legal consequences. Regular test, examination and maintenance is critical to ensure that equipment remains fit for purpose.

Slingtek carries out professional inspection and examination services for general lifting accessories and lifting machines. Our services include testing, examination and visual inspection and certification of new or in service equipment

Inspection and Testing of Manual lifting Machines

Wide range of lifting equipment such as chain hoists, lever hoists, beam trolleys, winches, tirfors etc…

Inspection and Testing of Lifting accessories

Textile slings, chain slings, wire ropes and wire rope slings, shackles, etc…


We do provide in-house and on-site training on various aspects of safety,

lifting and height safety. Topics covered are mainly:

  • Health and Safety — Management
  • Workplace hazards — analysis and control
  • Height safety
  • Basic Lifting & Rigging

Various other training programs can be customized related to lifting and

height safety based on clients needs.